Vendors & Sponsors

Vendor or Sponsor Request for Proposal:

The MIHSSCA is currently accepting bids for an approved vendors and sponsors list to be offered to our members. Vendors and sponsors are encourage to submit their proposals to be included as our approved or exclusive vendor or sponsor here. Proposals will be accepted by the MHSSCA each year from March 1 through January 1.

Those interested in offering a proposal should consider that the association is looking for:

  • assistance for a possible scholarship to be offered each year for dependents of member coaches. We would like to offer multiple scholarships for $500.00 per scholarship.
  • sponsors for a possible summer camp program to be offered to inner city and/or rural areas that have no or limited soccer programs. We would consider financial and/or equipment support.
  • additional sponsors to support our annual clinics and to support the possibility of quarterly education and licensing clinics for our members.
  • additional sponsors for current awards and/or future award programs.
  • promotional items to give-a-way at our annual and/or quarterly clinics.
  • discounts on goods order for our school teams.
  • discounts on goods order for our coaches.
  • either one vendor to supply all soccer related goods (we have an agreement with Kelme as our exclusive apparel supplier), or single vendors to supply specialty products such as bags, awards, balls, etc.

In return for vendor support the association would consider granting the following, depending upon the proposals offered. (The association would consider an exclusive vendor relationship and the association would provide all of the following, as well as additional consideration, for an aggressive proposal.)

  • Hosting the vendor on our web site providing the vendor with their own web page, updated on a weekly basis with sale items and ordering data.
  • Access to our membership mailing list with the contact information for over 1,000 past and present high school coaches.
  • Advertising space in our publications for a decreased cost or at no cost.
  • Logo and/or name on all material mailed to our members.
  • Space to display goods at our annual and/or quarterly clinic.
  • Space to display goods at our state finals coach’s entertainment tent (subject to MHSAA and site approval if and when we go to a on-site location).
  • Added publicity when the services of the vendor are used in conjunction with our summer camp and/or scholarship programs.
  • Vendor name would be attached to all related material as a partner with the MHSSCA.

For questions or comments about any of the above information you can contact us here.